DNA microarrays are cost-effective for large scale high-throughput genotyping and methylation studies. Microarrays have proven track record of providing reproducible, high-quality data at a low per-sample cost. Illumina offers expert-selected, custom, and semi-custom microarrays. And Illumina custom genotyping microarray, the Infinium iSelect, offers the ability to interrogate virtually any target (e.g. SNP, CNV, INDEL) across any species. The industry-leading Illumina BeadArray and Infinium assay technologies deliver exceptional data quality and genomic coverage to accelerate both targeted and whole genome studies. Custom array probe design can be done with Illumina’s free online tools.

Besides standard format, genotyping data can be generated as input files for the popular PLINK, a free, open-source whole genome association analysis toolset. Methylation data can be either methylation levels, or raw intensity files that can be analyzed with third-party tools. The free Illumina GenomeStudio software can be used to visualize and analyze Illumina microarray data, including SNP, CNV and methylation.

The Mammalian Genotyping Core is set up with pre- and post-PCR rooms to reduce the risk of potential contamination due to amplification process. We have a high-precision and high-throughput microarray scanner, the Illumina iScan System with an AutoLoader 2.x automated array loader; and post application automation capability with Infinium Automation Package, that includes a Tecan Freedom EVO 150 liquid handler with LiHa and a PC workstation programmed with Illumina Robot Control software. We are thus able to support any study from sample submission to return of your data generated by this platform.